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Reincarnation AND Past Life Regression

Reincarnation has been a theory accepted by many religions, but not understood in psychology as to how it is related to the mind — until recently. Research in this area has come from hypnosis and is now being accepted as a valuable tool for healing the mind.

Some of the information in this field has come through Buddhism, Hinduism and Einstein’s theories. Buddhism and Hinduism teach that the mind is the soul of man. Einstein’s theories have brought us another understanding of energy and energy fields, and how many of us are connected to the universe.

Past life regression allows us to bring the learning from other lives into our current life, and make changes that enhance us.

“The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.”
– J. K. Galbraith

Our Approach

Silvana provides a warm, welcoming environment where you are encouraged to approach the changes you want to make with a gentle non-invasive method of personalized hypnosis sessions.

Everyone is unique and as such each session is customized to meet your needs. Silvana helps you discover the joy in feeling connected with yourself again and how it feels to have the emotional balance in your life that you seek.

“Believing as I do in the theory of rebirth, I live in the hope that, if not in this birth, in some other birth, I shall be able to hug all humanity in friendly embrace.”
– Mohandas K. Gandhi

About Past Life Regression Sessions

Whether or not you believe in past lives initially, there are very real therapeutic benefits from undergoing a past-life regression session. Fears, habits, addictions, and chronic pain have been healed by recalling past lives, and by learning to leave the non-beneficial impact behind in that life through forgiveness, healing and closure. Past life research and regression often brings peace and understanding into the chaos of life today. Many clients find that even one session can impact their life in ways they never before believed.

The session itself takes one and a half hours and you are encouraged to bring a standard 90 minute cassette tape, so that you can take home the results of your session for review at another time, if you so desire.

Your past life journey, facilitated by an accredited Consulting Hypnotist and Past Life Regression facilitator, leads you through a relaxed state on this journey of time. During your session you will be protected by white light and we will check with your subconscious mind to insure that it is appropriate for you to take this journey at this time.

“This country needs hundreds of soul-doctors. But they mustn’t be theorists or nationalists or internationalists. They must have a universal consciousness and be able to help people look in a different direction. An idea that hurts or enchants us acts like a magnet. Presently is becomes our fixed way of thinking and feeling. Hen we need something to make us turn a little and see another part of realty. When we find that one thing has aspects we hadn’t thought of, it occurs to us sometimes that the other things to may have more aspect than we can see.”

Kahlil Gibran